Armed & Unarmed Officers

Our uniformed officers are trained to convey a conspicuous presence to deter criminal activity while protecting personal or corporate assets. We train our officers to be constantly alert to suspicious activity and report details about any situation which warrants monitoring. Security First offers both armed and unarmed security officers. We will help you choose the […]

Vehicle Patrols

Consists of random or scheduled security checks conducted by an officer in a marked vehicle. Based on the Client’s needs, the officer may lock/unlock specific areas and conduct foot patrol at the property. This service deters suspicious or illegal activity by establishing a highly visual security presence day or night.  All activity of officers can […]

Special Events

We are available for events of all kinds - graduations, weddings, sporting events, concerts, parties, fundraisers, festivals, benefits, dances, political events, fairs, meets, and more.

Executive Protection

A personalized security service that provides one-on-one protection for high profile clients and their families to ensure that they conduct their daily lives without unwelcome intrusion or potential threat to their safety. Our agents are able to blend into any type of environment or setting without being intrusive.

Commercial & Residential

Problems with transients/loitering, burglary, vandalism, or theft? An armed or unarmed guard can have a drastic effect on taking control of security threats. We can develop a commercial or residential security plan to address the unique needs of your property. Access control, parking enforcement, CCTV video monitoring, and everything in between, we've got you covered.

CCTV Remote Video Monitoring

Keep an actual eye on your property 24/7.  Our dispatchers can react the moment they see any suspicious activity on site.  In fact, we recently had an incident in which our dispatcher witnessed a crime in progress, dispatched a security officer, and notified SDPD.  The client property was surrounded as the crime was still taking […]

Construction Site Security

Prevent theft, vandalism, and trespassing at your construction site with experienced security officers from Security First. More than ever before, criminals are targeting construction sites to steal building materials and fuel, which is damaging to budgets and completion schedules.The presence of a high-profile security officer will deter criminal activity and keep your construction site secure.

Temporary Security Needs

For all your security needs big and small, we do it all! Call us to keep the bad guys away when your home is tented, or vulnerable during a remodel.  Pouring new concrete in the driveway & don't want anyone's hand or foot prints immortalized? Check. Give us a call & rest easy, we'll take […]

Fire Watch Services

We offer fire watch services during San Diego's fire season, or any time you're concerned that your property may be in the path of destruction.  Our diligent security officers can keep watch and give you advanced notice if worse comes to worst.