LT. Francisco Arreola

Patrol Division Leader

Who I Am

Lieutenant Arreola is the steam engine quietly piloting Security First’s Patrol Division forward. Since joining our team, his department has yielded an increase of 800%.  His intimate involvement with the properties he serves, and the relationships he cultivates with the property managers are a testament to his unfaltering dedication to our…


Erudite in both the administration of justice and forensic criminal science, Francisco is able to utilize his knowledge of the criminal psyche to develop prescriptive plans for each property based on variable risk factors.  

Francisco’s expertise, sincere devotion, and kind-natured personality have all contributed equally to his truly impressive customer retention rate of 100%.

Francisco is a certified CPR instructor through the AMERICAN RED CROSS, enjoys getaway weekends to explore our great nation, is an animal lover who contributes to the Humane Society and the San Diego Zoo, and values hard work, dedication, and integrity.