Commercial & Residential

Problems with transients/loitering, burglary, vandalism, or theft? An armed or unarmed guard can have a drastic effect on taking control of security threats. We can develop a commercial or residential security plan to address the unique needs of your property. Access control, parking enforcement, CCTV video monitoring, and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

Whether commercial or residential, maintaining a safe and secure environment is of the utmost importance. Offering tenants access to a security officer they can contact to handle security issues can have a drastic impact on retaining tenants.  Our police departments are stretched too thin to respond to many common security threats, but an onsite security officer can respond immediately.

Security Officers can ensure that no unauthorized persons gain access to the property, conduct routine or random checks of each floor and parking garages, lock/unlock common areas, prevent loitering, respond to calls from tenants, and perform other tasks as needed. Furthermore, our security officers are equipped with smartphone technology and GPS tracking, so you can receive incident reports in real time, and have a time-stamped GPS record of their activities onsite.